Steam car Aims to break Speed Record

Steam Car Aims to Break Speed Record

A team of British engineers are hoping to break the the longest-standing land speed record with a super fast steam car

Nicknamed the “fastest kettle in the world” Inspiration is said to be able to reach speeds of up to 170mph in a matter of seconds.

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Getting out of the sand trap is today’s video golf lesson

Getting out of the sand trap is today’s video golf lesson

Posted by G. Andrew Boyd and Brian Allee-Walsh, The Times-Picayune May 21, 2009 5:35AM

Categories: Golf videos

Brian Allee-Walsh is probably like most golfers out there. He loves the game. He plays as often as he can. But he’s not going to be winning any tournaments.

So we decided he needed to take some lessons, and share it with you. For 18 weeks, we’ll be following Brian’s journey to becoming a better golfer.

Today, Brian meets with Teaching pro Rob Noel, director of instruction at the Rob Noel Golf Academy on the grounds of Money Hill Golf & Country Club in Abita Springs, on getting out of the bunker.

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Little Known Way To Stop Viruses Emailing Your Contacts

You have had the problem many times.  You get an email from a friend and discover that it is a virus!  When a virus attacks your PC one method of reproducing itself  is to use your Email address list and send an Email to everyone in your list with an attachment.  The message will seem an innocent one like “Here is the information you requested” or something like “Here is the link to Britney Spears” or anything else to catch your attention! 

As soon as your friend opens the attachment the virus will corrupt the computer and then it reproduces itself by sending an email to all of your friends contacts!

How do you stop a virus using your address list to send emails?

There is a little known very simple method that will stop this happening.

Here is the method:

1.  Create a new contact.

2.  First Name of the contact key-in A

3.  Now go to the email address box and key-in   AAAAA@AAA.AAA

4.  Save the new contact.

When a virus tries to use your email list it will go to your first entry and send an email.  Your first entry is AAAA@AAA.AAA. Immediately you will get an undeliverable message and the virus will not be able to send any more messages!

Hope you find this tip useful.

Pass this onto your friends and contacts and help them to stop virus’s sending emails from their contact lists.  

How to make XP look and feel like Vista

Vista is here. But do you want to upgrade just now?  It will take about a year for all the bugs to be ironed out.  But in the meantime if you have XP with SP2 you can make it look and feel like Vista.

PC Advisor magazine has an article in their latest issue that will help to do just that.  I have just come across a site that gives full instruction how to change XP to look and feel like Vista.  Click here.  

Have you forgotten?

Yes, have you forgotten?  Valentines day will be here shortly and you need that special something for that one close to you.

I have put together a site for you to choose just the right thing for your special Valentine.

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